Electrical Design Consultancy and Advisory

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach and ability to adapt to our clients’ specific requirements.   

We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and experience across all stages of the project life cycle to provide the right support exactly when and where it is needed. 

We excel in identifying opportunities for improvement within existing operations. By conducting comprehensive audits, we can assess system designs and processes and provide practical recommendations to improve safety, efficiency and performance. We also offer support in the implementation of these recommendations, empowering our clients to enhance productivity. 

In addition, our established relationships with various local and international Government and utility authorities enable us to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease, ensuring smooth project execution.  

Whether our clients require complete assistance or support at various stages in the process, we can guide them in making informed decisions that de-risk their projects and boost their chances of success.  

Our professional advisory services include: 

  • Electrical safety audits  
  • Power station audits  
  • Plant control system audits 
  • Instrumentation audits 
  • Insurance appraisals covering audit claim assessment and accident investigations 
  • Technical advice on Power Purchase Agreements 
  • Utility and network provider negotiations 
  • Contract negotiations 


Power Purchase Agreements

ECG stands as a trusted partner in providing independent and impartial advice on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), guiding our clients to make smarter and more sustainable energy choices. 

By developing a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements – including operational and maintenance aspects – we can provide clear insights to inform strategic decision-making. 

Whether you have an existing agreement or are looking for a new power provider, we can help provide clarity on contractual obligations and pricing and explore the feasibility of integrating renewable energy.  

We work closely with clients’ commercial and legal teams, providing technical expertise and offering input into commercial term sheets. We can also help facilitate the tender process and negotiate with providers. 

Ultimately, we’ll ensure your PPA aligns with your energy strategy and supports the long-term sustainability and efficiency of your operations.  

Audits and Investigations

We undertake comprehensive audits and investigations that leverage our skilled personnel and extensive industry experience to drive improved performance and safety. With a solid understanding of regulatory standards in Australia and international jurisdictions, our long-standing reputation makes us the trusted choice for clients seeking reliable auditing solutions.  

Whether reviewing designs or assessing facilities for safety and compliance, our meticulous auditing approach covers everything from switch rooms to the entire site. As an independent third-party, we provide a valuable perspective and in-depth analysis to help our clients meet the highest standards of operational excellence. 

Our team is also well-equipped to conduct thorough investigations to assist in root cause analysis following safety incidents, equipment failures or outages. With acute attention to detail, we navigate complexities to identify underlying issues and offer viable solutions to safeguard your operation.