Process Electrical
& Instrumentation Engineering

Complete Suite of Process, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering Under One Roof

With a highly skilled team and a proven track record of successful mining and mineral processing project delivery globally, we can develop a tailored solution to optimise your operations and maximise productivity.

Based on a solid understanding of the client’s requirements, our multi-disciplinary team works together to identify and implement the right electrical and instrumentation solutions to enhance their processes.

Through this integrated approach, we can design and deliver electrical distribution systems that ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of power throughout your facility.  Our expertise in control systems allows us to develop solutions to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, while our instrumentation engineers ensure the accurate and reliable measurement, control and automation of the processes.

Effective communication and networking are crucial in a modern mining plant, and our expertise in designing and implementing reliable communication networks ensures consistent connectivity between control systems, instruments and plant equipment, enhancing overall plant performance.

Our capabilities encompass:

  • Concept studies, pre-feasibility and detailed feasibility studies
  • Process design, analysis and modelling
  • Plant, design and safety audits
  • Power system design and modelling
  • Control system design including MES, PLC, DCS, SCADA, RTU and HMI programming and configuration
  • Mineral processing equipment including motors, crushers, pumps, mills, kilns, high pressure grinding rolls, agitators, large rectifiers, furnaces and conveyors
  • Procurement, construction supervision and commissioning
  • Extensive experience across various commodities including gold, iron ore, copper, zinc, lithium and graphite

Process Optimisation

Process optimisation is vital for mining operations, driving increased productivity, cost savings and improved overall efficiency in extracting valuable resources.

We have the capability to take your greenfield project from concept to design and build. We take the time to fully grasp the client’s desired outcomes and specific requirements for their plant or process, before designing and implementing precise electrical and instrumentation solutions that align with their goals.

Leveraging advanced data collection and analysis techniques, we fine-tune processes and implement strategies that ensure long-term durability and sustained performance. We consider factors such as maintenance and constructability, enabling us to optimise the design and facilitate a swift plant construction and start-up.

Once the plant is up and running, we revisit our designs to identify opportunities for further refinement, ensuring the process remains robust for the long term.

In addition to working on complete projects, we can also audit existing designs, ensuring they meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our versatility allows us to adapt and support your unique requirements.

Construction Management and Commissioning

Our expert team handles all aspects of the construction and installation phase – from planning and procurement to final commissioning and handover. We ensure strict adherence to specifications and maintaining high-quality standards, guaranteeing successful project delivery.

During the commissioning phase, all three engineering disciplines collaborate to test and calibrate instruments, verify the electrical system performance and ensure that the process operates as intended.

It is our dedication to the commissioning phase which sets us apart. While other companies may overlook this crucial step, we see it through with our engineers coming to site to commission the designs they have developed. With a steadfast client-focused approach, we strive to meet their objectives and exceed their expectations every step of the way.