Power Systems

Power Engineering Solutions

Our comprehensive electrical engineering services encompass power generation, network planning and transmission to efficiently power up your project.

Specialising in power systems for mining and process plant applications, our turn-key solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. Whether its designing new power plants, or increasing the capacity and efficiency of existing facilities, we provide fully-customised solutions to address your specific needs.

Our in-house capabilities encompass the entire project life-cycle – from feasibility studies to engineering design, construction, installation, commissioning, operational support and optimisation.

Combining global experience, cutting-edge technology and tried-and-tested processes, we ensure smooth project delivery, even in some of the most challenging environments. With an extensive international network , we bring together the necessary resources for seamless execution and successful outcomes.

From conception through to energisation, we’ll work to ensure your project is delivered on time, to budget and to the highest quality.

Power Systems Analysis

Our power systems analysis and modelling methodologies give us a comprehensive understanding of how electrical networks function  within a range of scenarios. We can effectively predict and assess the effects of future electrical demand or enhancements in the system,  delivering you  operational efficiency and reliability.  We can also  identify potential issues, optimise system design, and provide recommendations on maintaining and improving the overall performance of your power system.

Our analysis includes:

  • On-site data collection
  • Load flow, short-circuit, reliability and arc flash rating studies
  • Voltage selection and profile studies
  • Utility network connection

Feasibility and Options Studies

Our optioneering and feasibility process allows us to explore  design options and select the most viable and cost-effective solutions that meet your goals – carefully considering factors including performance, operability and sustainability.

We design and deliver systems that are built to last for the life of your project, with current and future capacity requirements in mind.

Our team of experienced engineers can conduct concept studies, trade-off studies, pre-feasibility studies and definitive feasibility studies, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the technical, financial and logistical aspects of your project.

We’ll provide a complete assessment of all factors and risks associated with your project, providing you with valuable insights to guide your decision-making process.

Power Generation

We leverage our extensive in-house expertise to provide turnkey power generation solutions, encompassing design, installation, commissioning and operational handover.

Our expertise lies in power generation for mining and mineral processing applications using a range of energy sources – including gas, heavy fuel oil, diesel and renewables – within any capacity

We support design for island or hybrid operation including  grid supply, allowing your power system to operate independently or in synchronisation with the power grid, while efficiently managing and controlling the distribution of electrical load for optimal performance and reliability.

Transmission Power Lines and Sub Stations

Our integrated engineering services encompass power transmission and distribution, including the design, construction and commissioning of high voltage transmission networks and dedicated substations.

We conduct grid connection studies and utility negotiations to ensure seamless integration with the grid infrastructure, guaranteeing compliance with regulatory requirements. Our team works closely with utility providers to streamline the connection process and minimise  potential challenges or delays.

To ensure the safety and integrity of your transmission network, we’ll design comprehensive protection systems that detect and isolate faults. We’ll also assess transmission stability and power quality improvements to ensure consistent power supply, including network augmentation and reactive VAR compensation.