Renewable Energy Solutions For A Sustainable Future

Being part of the green energy transition is at the core of our business.

We understand that our clients, partners and local communities are increasingly seeking enhanced environmental performance and a reduced reliance on fossil fuels. By working together with industry, we are engineering a new era through renewable energy integration.

With our innovative approach and knowledge of the latest technologies, we aim to set new standards in decarbonisation by delivering renewable energy solutions – including solar, wind and battery storage – to the mining sector.

Our strength is in tailoring solutions that are reliable and affordable, ensuring your operation exceeds performance requirements. 

Combining decades of experience in power systems and generation, our team understands the unique challenges of integrating renewables into mining environments – from consistency of supply through to the challenges of operating in remote locations.

  • Renewable energy assessments
  • Conceptual and detailed feasibility studies
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of renewable resources and options
  • On-grid and off-grid applications
  • HOMER software for renewable optimisation
  • Power quality and reliability assessments
  • Load shedding and mill motor starting
  • Microgrid systems

As a trusted engineering partner, we can guide mine operators through the process of identifying viable renewable energy options that align with their sustainability, technical and commercial requirements through:

Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid power systems are paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future, with the ability to intelligently manage energy generation and consumption.

Hybrid systems combine multiple renewable energy sources with conventional power generation methods to create a reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure. Depending on your project requirements, we can integrate technologies such as solar PV, wind turbines, batteries and diesel, enabling optimised energy production and storage.

By harnessing the complementary strengths of various energy sources, hybrid power systems offer enhanced efficiency, flexibility and resilience. They can provide continuous power supply even in remote or off-grid locations, reducing dependency on fossil fuels and minimising environmental impact.