We’re transforming industry through powerful tools and technologies to enhance performance and sustainability.

From plant intelligence to advanced simulations and AI-driven modelling, we’re helping to drive significant improvements in the mining and energy sectors – giving our clients a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. 

By modernising operations and unlocking their full potential, we add true value – ensuring safe, efficient and sustainable practices at every step of the digital transformation journey. 


Digital Twins

We’ve harnessed the power of innovative process simulation and digital twin technology to significantly enhance our design and optimisation capabilities.   

Our expert team can develop sophisticated code that accurately replicates real-world conditions for any process. These virtual replicas of physical processes – which integrate real-time data from sensors and other sources – accurately simulate the behaviour and performance of plant under various conditions, inputs and parameters. 

From process optimisation to predictive maintenance, the benefits of digital twin technology are vast. Through data analysis and predictive modelling, we can make informed decisions and validate modifications before implementation, saving time and costs.  

Whether it’s predicting material throughput or designing more efficient control systems, our capabilities drive tangible benefits across the entire project life-cycle – enhancing productivity from the design phase through to long-term asset management. 


Big Data Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) has accelerated data generation across industry. By leveraging new technologies and applications, we can extract extensive datasets from across your operation and use analytics to provide valuable insights to improve overall performance.  

As a technology agnostic tier one system integrator, we employ off-the-shelf products and platforms to provide integrated and cost-effective solutions to our customers.  

By utilising smarter sensors and edge processing technology, we can collect and analyse high quality unmodified data from various on-site collection points to obtain a comprehensive view of your operations. Applying powerful modelling algorithms, we can then detect anomalies or predict potential plant failures, minimising downtime and optimising production levels. 

We seamlessly integrate all components – including sensors, infrastructure, IoT and edge devices, and telecommunications equipment – for optimal efficiency. Applying our domain knowledge, we can cut through the clutter to produce better data through SME-driven data cleansing. The refined data is then transformed into real-time, actionable insights, empowering key stakeholders – from operators and plant managers to CEOs - with critical information at their fingertips.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Gain intelligent data driven insights to drive greater plant and process performance.  With our sophisticated detection algorithms, we can train machine models to identify various performance parameters, providing early warnings of impending equipment failures. By staying ahead of potential issues, operators can plan for scheduled maintenance, minimise unplanned shutdowns and maximise plant uptime.  

In addition, we apply AI and Machine Learning to optimise system performance, enabling you to run your industrial plant more efficiently, improving yields and ensuring its longevity. 


Industrial Networking

Experience seamless industrial networking solutions with ECG Engineering. Our expertise starts from designing and building robust fibre optic networks from the ground up, ensuring efficient core communications for your plant. Our team can then provide the network engineering to deliver a resilient, secure and integrated solution.  

These networks are integrated into our client’s end user systems, providing the convenience of constant access to review your plant in real-time from anywhere in the world.  

Whether you require network design, maintenance or upgrades, our comprehensive services ensure reliable integration with your IT networks, delivering an interconnected system that allows you to manage your operations with ease.  


Cybersecurity Lifecycle Services

We are committed to ensuring the safety and resilience of your organisation’s critical systems and information. We protect what our customers value and guide them through their journey to achieving cybersecurity maturity.  

Our cybersecurity risk assessments and audits not only provide insights into your current security position, but also lay the foundation for robust and adaptive hardening strategies that align with your business goals. 

We delve into your operations and risk appetite, encompassing aspects including people, assets, production and environmental considerations. Through audits of your assets and facilities, we develop a comprehensive risk matrix, pinpointing high-value items and potential vulnerabilities. Our expert team then collaborates with you to create short and long-term plans to rectify issues, fortify your defenses and prepare for the future using industry standard cybersecurity frameworks. 

We are leading the way in driving the mining industry towards a cleaner future by continuously embracing the latest innovations in renewable energy generation and storage technology. Our commitment to ensuring power supply resilience and stability is unwavering, regardless of our location.  

We're helping industry move towards greener and more sustainable energy sources. ​