Engineering expertise that delivers exceptional results

We specialise in providing electrical engineering solutions tailored to a range of industries.

With a wealth of successful projects under our belt spanning various commodities, locations and processes, you can confidently rely on our specialised expertise to tackle the unique challenges of any site.

From conception to completion, our seasoned team will guide you towards achieving your project goals with professionalism and precision.


Mining and Minerals Processing

We understand the unique challenges faced by the mining industry and strive to deliver custom solutions that maximise productivity and efficiency.

Our expertise extends to a wide range as mineral processing equipment such as motors, crushers, pumps, mills, kilns, high pressure grinding rolls, agitators, large rectifiers, furnaces and conveyors.

Our extensive portfolio of successful projects across varied commodities, including gold, copper, lithium, iron ore, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, graphite, coal, and mineral sands, empowers our team with the nuanced understanding and in-depth knowledge to address the specific requirements of each mineral.

We also excel in non-process mining infrastructure, designing power and communications systems for mine service areas, heavy and light vehicle workshops, tyre sheds and other buildings to support your mining fleet, as well as camps, administration buildings, workshops, labs, kitchens and mess halls.


Power Generation

Our comprehensive engineering services encompass power generation, network planning and transmission to seamlessly connect and distribute power across your project.

Whether it involves designing new power stations, or increasing the capacity and efficiency of existing facilities, we can optimise your power systems for peak performance.

Our team excels in power plant design, crafting bespoke solutions that meet your requirements. With a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, we can expertly navigate the complexities of power generation technologies, including renewables like solar, wind and battery storage systems, as well as traditional methods such as gas, diesel and heavy fuel oil.

Our diverse capability includes significant strength in power transmission and distribution including sub-station design and grid connections working with local network service providers across all continents.


Automation and Control Systems

We can provide innovative solutions to the electrical design of various material handling systems, enhancing the way you manage and control your operations. We can seamlessly integrate automation solutions that streamline your workflow and guarantee a safe and productive working environment.

Whether it be DCS, PLC or SCADA we have the capability to integrate and design automation and control systems for:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Mobile and fixed machinery
  • Stockyard control and ore storage areas
  • Machine positioning
  • Anti-collision control
  • Material tracking 
  • Ore sorting facilities